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Ideas for getting to know the world of farming

Since 2010 we are enrolled in educational activities with local schools from infancy to lower secondary level. The projects are developed with the teachers and follow the rhythm of the season. You can opt for a single day or a full itinerary that includes our visit to the school and one or two meetings in the farm with recreational activities, a farmer’s snack and lunch. The routes range from the wheat cycle to the vegetable garden, from milking to making cheese to cooking classes to make typical pastas and desserts.


Educational Objectives

The aim of the project is to promote knowledge of vegetables, to make students understand the concept of seasonality and life-cycles, whereby things that come from the land, return to the land thanks to the composting process. The children create small artistic vegetable gardens to take home, which they can then take care of every day.

The “Creative vegetable garden” workshop is mainly aimed at pre-schools, primary schools and lower level secondary schools, diversifying the content and methodology depending on the age of the children.

Activities are coordinated and agreed with the teachers. The workshop can last a morning or a whole day.

To find out how to take part in our school workshops, please write to us at or call us on +39 320 87 07 814.

Download the complete information sheets for the “Creative vegetable garden” workshop in PDF format.


Primary school workshops

The aim of our educational workshops is to bring children closer to the land through hands-on activities that involve them personally.

This programme includes a meeting at school and a meeting at the farm. During the workshops, our qualified staff will introduce children to the world of agriculture according to the topic chosen.

Vegetable garden workshop programme: GIOFATT the city farmer. Let’s learn how to make a vegetable garden and recognise plants.


The creative vegetable garden workshop includes:

  • Field activities, observation of plants and various types of vegetables;
  • Creation of creative vegetable gardens;
  • Creation of posters on vegetables and seasonality to take to school;
  • Games and readings./li>


A day on the farm dedicated to manual skills:

  • Cheese-making techniques: from milk to cheese
  • From the grain of wheat to bread: hands in the dough

Workshops are organised according to classes and can involve up to a maximum of 4 classes at a time. It’s possible to choose between a full day with lunch and snack or half a day with snack.


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